Thursday, February 6, 2014

Former Record Company Exec In NYC Charged With Embezzling Over $1 Million To Support Lavish Lifestyle

From on 2/6/14:

After both an internal and criminal investigation, former Warner Music executive Danielle Smith appeared in a Manhattan court yesterday concerning charges of first-degree larceny for allegedly embezzling money from the company. Smith put in a plea of not guilty.

What exactly did she plead not guilty to? Well, she has been accused of charging over one million dollars to Warner's credit card for personal expenses and lavish items.

Smith was granted an expense card while working for Atlantic Records, a Division of Warner Music Group, in which her responsibilities included booking travel and hotel arrangements for potential talent. Although she wasn't considered talent, she reportedly racked up fees for hotel rooms, airfare, and products according to prosecutors. All this spending Smith was allegedly doing took place between 2007-2011, the same year Smith resigned.   


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