Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pennsylvania Couple Charged With Embezzling $150K From Local Electric Company; Kept Stealing To Repay Initial Theft After Being Caught

From the Daily Local News on 2/11/14:

Two people were arrested last week at the conclusion of an investigation into the alleged embezzlement and theft of about $150,000 from an area electric company.

According to the West Goshen Police Department, in October detectives began investigating a case of suspected fraud at Alfred J. Fry III, Inc., or Fry Electric, that involved substantial embezzlement of company funds and thefts of company-owned tools.

Police said the company’s former office manager and accountant, 45-year-old Stephanie Matusky, submitted fictitious receipts on behalf of her fiance, 38-year-old Edward Charsha, who worked at the company as a mechanic. Both Matusky and Charsha live in the 4900 block of Horseshoe Pike in Caln.


After the thefts were discovered, the couple was allowed to keep their jobs under the condition that they repay the misappropriated funds back to the company, according to police.

When Matusky and Charsha began to repay at a suspicious rate, the company began to examine computer and email records that revealed Charsha was selling large amounts of electrical construction equipment on online auction sites. Police said that when the company’s president confronted Charsha about the missing equipment he admitted to stealing and selling the items to repay the initial debt.

At that point Charsha and Matusky were both fired, police said.


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