Thursday, February 6, 2014

Kentucky Woman Accused Of Embezzling $313K In Phony Tax Return Scheme To Fuel Lavish Lifestyle; Remains At Large

From the Lexington Herald-Leader on 2/5/14:

Police are seeking a Lexington woman accused of embezzling thousands of dollars from an apartment complex and faking tax returns and bank loans to support a lavish lifestyle on a $40,000 income.

Yarelis Rios is wanted on outstanding arrest warrants, Lexington police spokeswoman Sherelle Roberts said Wednesday. She said she couldn't comment further or detail the charges involved. But a federal affidavit filed in U.S. District Court in Lexington states that "there is an active state arrest warrant for Rios regarding her embezzlement ... and she remains a fugitive."

Rios vanished in December, shortly after police and federal agents began an investigation, the affidavit says.

Now, federal prosecutors contend that Rios' home on Rockminster Road "represents proceeds of forged checks, identity theft, wire fraud and money laundering," according to a complaint filed by Assistant U.S. Attorney Wade Napier. Prosecutors are seeking to have the property forfeited to the government.

An affidavit filed by U.S. Secret Service Agent Nevada Gump in support of the complaint describes how Rios allegedly bought a $425,000 home, expensive vehicles, big-screen TVs, home appliances and large quantities of brand-name clothing, jewelry, watches and accessories on a reported annual income of $40,000.

The affidavit says Rios embezzled thousands of dollars from Thoroughbred Cross apartments on Village Drive, which she managed starting about March 2012. It also alleges that Rios completed fake income tax returns using people's names — apparently without their knowledge — and arranged for $313,000 in tax refunds to go into bank accounts controlled by her and her boyfriend, Artemio Ultrera Pimentel.

In addition, Rios used faked W-2 forms, altered pay stubs and faked bank statements to help secure an $80,000 home loan from Whitaker Bank, the affidavit says. ...

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