Wednesday, February 5, 2014

North Carolina Man Charged With Embezzling $132K From Father-In-Law's Business

From the Montgomery Herald on 2/4/14:

A local businessman, David Deaton, made a point to be in the right place last Thursday so he could watch his soon his soon-to-be ex-son-in-law, Michael Parrish, arrested and led off in handcuffs. Parrish was being charged with 34 counts of embezzling from the business his father-in-law, Deaton, owned. 
Deaton hired Parrish in February 2012 shortly before he married Deaton’s stepdaughter Kerry. Since that time Parrish has used the store’s business accounts, credit cards, cash and inventory to the tune of $132,000; however, Troy Police Chief Kenny Allen said they are only able to charge Parrish on $85,640 of the $132,000. The remaining funds are too intermingled in the business to prove a definite theft; however, those funds will probably be allowed in a civil suit that is expected to be filed against Parrish.

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