Monday, August 11, 2014

Join Me Today For A Fraud Talk Discussion On Ponzi Schemes

Join me this morning at 10 a.m. EST for another episode of Fraud Talk on the Voice America radio network (  My guest this morning will be Jordan Maglich, the creator of the PonziTracker blog and the Ponzi Database.  The discussion will be all about Ponzi Schemes as you can imagine.  Listen live or at your leisure to the audio file.  We hope you join us.


Anonymous said...

Tax prepayer with no creditials takes clients money and tells them they are investing in a loan deal. She takes her clients money and offers 10% interest rate and then "says" she is lending out to those who can't get a bank loan at 12% interest. She, tax prepayer, get 2% and investor/client get 10%.
She is a sole proprietor. When forced to pay up for an estate, she commits suicide. Husband had no knowledge of what she was doing and all assets are jointly owned

Anonymous said...

I am hearing that there cannot be a criminal case because she is dead and husband had no knowledge of what she was doing and she was not bonded nor does she have an investor licenses so she is only a tax prepairer and conducts her business a sole proprietorship. She has taken money from at least 10 people so far so we know she is close to 1 million in embezzlement. Her and husband own 3 pieces of real estate. Do any of the investors have a chance of getting any money back from real estate holding?