Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Arizona Man Sentenced In $11 Million Embezzlement Case

Douglas Ross Zuber, 51, of Scottsdale, Arizona, was sentenced to six years in prison plus sever years of supervised release for embezzling approximately $11 million from Harvard Investments, Inc. where he had been employed as executive vice president. Zuber was also ordered to pay $6.2 million in restitution. According to prosecutors, Zuber's scheme lasted about 7 years between 1999 and 2006 where in he set up seven false venders through which he was able to bill the real estate investment firm for work that was never completed. Zuber, who was originally indicted in October 2008, plead guilty to money laundering in August 2009. Zuber reportedly spend the money establishing a lavish lifestyle and purchased luxury residential properties and vehicles, among other things. Ironies of ironies, authorities found a draft of a book Zuber was writing, called Deeds of Trust -- a how-to on embezzling funds from your employer.

Read the story here and here.
Read the original indictment here.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad the slimebag was caught and sentenced. In Los Angeles, so much embezzlement takes place, especially to attorneys and doctors, that many embezzlers get away with their crimes. The LAPD are ill-equipped to handle all the embezzlement crime. You as a business owner must be extremely careful who you hire in Los Angeles because the police likely won't protect you against these criminals.

It took an act of God to get the LAPD to take our case and a tremendous amount of pestering. If your Los Angeles-based company is embezzled, be prepared to have lost over $100,000 AND put the entire case together yourself. Then you get to pay to have all the data verified by a CPA before the LAPD will even think about taking your case. Of course, then you will have to endlessly pester the D.A.'s office or the LAPD until they will agree to take your case. And if they do, you will be very, very lucky.

Our Los Angeles law firm was severely embezzled by several employees and their cohorts. The mastermind was Kristie Lashawn Harry. Others included Gloria Chavez, Zeus Avalos, Isaac Daldayian, and Leslie Reid.

I personally spent months close to fulltime putting the case together against them. I worked closely with the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office for more than two grueling years to convict Kristie Harry. The D.A. mostly focused on Kristie because she was the mastermind who orchestrated the entire crime. She brought in over 15 others to help her with the crime.

Kristie was supposed to get 14 years for her crimes against our firm, but managed to get less than four years in a plea deal after she stole several hundred thousand dollars from us, destroyed our firm, and destroyed our credit. The above people are thieves and con artists, and cannot be trusted. I have all the proof in a nice, neat, tidy binder that includes all the proof against these criminals.

My husband is using this data for the book he is writing concerning our story. Be leary of hiring any of the above thieves. I'd love to know how I can make the laws for criminals like these stronger. The laws in Los Angeles are just too lenient for all the embezzlers there, so BEWARE.

BE CAREFUL. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Don't let any employee handle funds for your company unless you have done a thorough check into their criminal history.

Anonymous said...

So this person is already back on the street? That is awful. At least she did some time...did the others have to pay as well? I guess it pays to know who you are hiring. I wonder how these theifs would like it if we did the same to them!

Anonymous said...

The case was so complicated that I don't believe the other involved parties had to do much time (if any). Some had to pay a fine and some, like Leslie Reid, received a felony on their record. The Los Angeles DA's office let many of the others go with either plea deals or limited jail time for their agreement to testify against Kristie Harry. The DA's office's main concern was prosecuting and convicting Kristie Harry for her crimes against my husband's law firm, since she was the ring leader. Also, she was apparently part of a drug ring, a meth lab as was explained to me by the Altadena Sheriff's Office. I worked with them to convict one of the other people involved in stealing from us. He was also involved in the drug ring.

I plan to write a complete explanation on the Internet about the embezzlement crimes Kristie Lashawn Harry and her many cohorts who committed embezzlement and identity theft against my husband's law firm. Some of her co-conspirators were Gloria Chavez, Leslie Reid, David Reid, and several others.

The sad thing is that when a crime is committed against someone or a company, most victims will not take the time and effort to step up to the plate and file police reports against them and then make sure that the LAPD or DA's office prosecute them. They are embarrassed that they were victims of a crime because they believe it will negatively impact their lives. Many, many law offices are embezzled because they often go through so many checks that embezzlement is hard to check until it is too late. Few attorneys will step up to the plate and do the right thing and report the crimes because they are fearful of how their involvement may impact their businesses. Therefore, other people must suffer because of their selfishness and lack of social responsibility.

In the case of Kristie Harry, I could not let her go free. I spent 2 1/2 years of my life pulling data together for the LAPD and DA's office so that Kristie Harry would have to pay for her crimes. It was depressing and an awful experience, but I felt that it was my social responsibility to make sure that I fully cooperated with the DA's office, and that Kristie Harry was convicted of her crimes against our law firm.

WARNING: Kristie Harry and her many cohorts, Leslie Reid, Gloria Chavez, and David Reid are thieves. If you wish to hire them, think again. They will steal from you and think nothing about it. They will justify their actions believing that you deserve it because you are more successful than they are.

Also, before you hire someone, make sure you check first to see if they have a criminal record. If you have been embezzled, show some social responsibility and report them to the authorities and work with these authorities to have these people convicted. Only if we as law-abiding citizens fight against these criminals, will society benefit and these criminals can be put behind bars where they belong.

I hope that this information is helpful to some of the readers of this blog. Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Let it go lady

Dctorlynn1 said...

Did Kristie make restitution?

Unknown said...

She is still doing the above! Beware of Leslie Reid