Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tennessee Woman Accused Of Embezzling $4.5 Million; Threw Lavish "Sweet 15" Party For Daughter

Leslie Anne Gibbs, now known as Leslie Anne Janous, 35, of West Knoxville, Tennessee, was arraigned last Friday on 13 counts of wire fraud in connection with her alleged embezzlement of more than $4.5 million from Scancarbon, Inc., a precious metal brokerage firm where she had been employed as a bookkeeper and human resources director. Authorities allege that Janous' scheme spanned at least four years since at least May 2006 until September 2010. The scheme allegedly involved Janous creation of "false gains in accounts payable" which she then allegedly transferred to account she controlled in the name of Lesleigh LLC. Janous came to national attention in 2006 when she and her domestic partner, Leigh M. Janous, 49, threw a lavish "Sweet 15" party for her daughter, Brittany, which was to be showcased on MTV's reality series, "My Sweet 16." Leigh Janous has not been charged at this time as being allegedly complicit in the crime.

We note that Leslie Janous dabbles in photography. Some of the lavishness she has bestowed upon her family at the expense of Scancarbon can be viewed here.

Read the story here and here.

Update (10/20/10): Media reports indicate that Janous had a prior conviction for embezzlement. According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, in 2002, Janous, then known as Leslie Anne Gibbs, was arrested for embezzling $38,844 from Elite Landscaping where she had been employed as a bookkeeper. Janous/Gibbs pleaded guilty in June 2004 and agreed to make full restitution. Thanks to letters of support and the restitution, the conviction did not appear in the public record. According to the article, she has transferred the properties she owned to her domestic partner, Leigh Janous, whom she married in 2005 in Provincetown, Mass.

Update (2/24/11): Leslie Anne Janous pleaded guilty today to two counts of wire fraud and one count of money laundering in connection with the embezzlement of more than $4 million from Scancarbon, Inc., where she had been employed as a bookkeeper and HR manager.

Update (10/3/11): Janous is now believed to have embezzled more than $6.6 million, according to prosecutors, who continued to investigate the thefts from Scancarbon, Inc. after her plea agreement last February.  Prosecutors, who are calling Janous a "perpetual liar" want the maximum sentence given of just more than 11 years.  Read an update of the story here.

Update (10/28/11): Janous has been sentenced to 9 years in prison. 

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