Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Washington State Real Estate Company Reports $130K Embezzlement

Steadfast Companies, owners of The Commons at Federal Way, reported to authorities and filed a criminal complaint alleging that one of their employees embezzled about $130,000 over serval years time. At this time, no specific details are available.

Read the story here.


Anonymous said...

There is a resort chain in Mexico called Tesoro Resorts that is owned by Steadfast Companies out of Newport Beach. The entire community is gathering together to expose them:


Anonymous said...

I am also a investor in the steadfast resort called Tesoro or now called Wyndham Los cabos Resort
The owner Rod Emery is trying to rip off every person who bought a commerical location at the resort.They are hiring lawyers to pull every kind of legal move to steal there life investment. whether its legal or not Payoffs,threats,muggings.
they want to put gambling and prostution in the stores that they can steal back.