Friday, December 19, 2008

2 Arizona Men Arrested For Defrauding Local Candle Company

Donald Elvin Blackburn, 38, of Queen Creek Arizona (near right), and Derek David Gentry, 37, of Peoria, Arizona (far left), were arrested today for allegedly defrauding the Gold Canyon Candle Company out of more than $800,000 by fraudulently billing it for computer equipment that was never delivered. The two are charged with fraud schemes, forgery, felony theft, trafficking stolen property and computer fraud. Gentry is the former IT director for the company who also owned Maverick Development Solutions, Inc. that was already a vendor to the company but he did not disclose when he was hired in 2005. According to reports, Gentry would place orders to his own company, along with Blackburn's D.B. Network Solutions. The equipment was never delivered.

Read the story here and here.


Anonymous said...

These two men are out on bond and living relatively "normal" lives in Phoenix these days. Hopefully the prosecutor in this case will make an example of them both. Blackburn has a prior conviction for fraud and Gentry is referred to as "the best liar" some have ever met. If they are allowed to skate on these offenses, a terrible precedent will be set.

Anonymous said...

You should learn all the facts before blasting about something that is unfounded!

Chris Marquet said...

Please be respectful and do not use profanity.