Thursday, December 11, 2008

North Carolina Social Worker Accused Of Orchestrating Embezzlement Scheme At DSS

April Shawnette Stuckes, 33 of Wilmington, North Carolina, was accused Friday of masterminding an embezzlement scheme at the Brunswick County Department of Social Services that bilked the agency out of $135,123. Stuckes, who was an "income maintenance" case worked for the agency, was fired last April when the irregularities came to light. According to the authorities, Stuckes was the central figure that involved six other individuals in the theft scheme. Francine Bland Corbett, 55, of Burgaw, North Carlina, is currently being sought by the police as one of Stuckes' accomplices. DeJuan Antonio Green, 29, and Stuckes' live-in boyfriend, was charged with one felony "count of concealment" of fact and another count of welfare fraud. Others arrested in the case on similar charges as Green include Sharazrd Crummy; Tameka Greene, 31; and Wilhelmina Greene, 56; all of Wilmington, NC. The overall scheme involved Stuckes obtaining a list of recipients who received federal Work First Family Assistance benefits, set up fake addresses, then picked up the checks at the County's post office box for bad addresses, and deposited the funds for herself and her accomplices. The scheme lasted about three years, according to the authorities.

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Anonymous said...

If she was such a "good" person, why would she steal from those less fortunate and give to those who don’t even qualify for Medicaid benefits. People who qualify for Medicaid have incomes that fall below the federal poverty level. I give it to you, she was educated, college educated in fact, but wasn't "smart" enough to not get caught or to make wise investment with the money she STOLE! There is no such thing as "QUICK" money. Work for your money and earn your keep. It is my hope that even the people on Medicaid are working to support themselves and their families without the Medicaid benefits.

I am hopeful that this is a lesson learned by all parties and that her chastisement is just and not too harsh.

Peace and Blessings!

(P.S. Spell check is your friend)

Anonymous said...

Insider DSS staff fraud is even more rampart in 2009 due in part to the adverse economic condition, and the fact of nonexistent, unannounced outside auditing of each and every office throughout the state, at least twice per year. Millions in federal and state funding is being stolen.

Chris Marquet said...


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