Friday, January 9, 2009

Former California Attorney Faces Additional Embezzlement Charges

Edward Duff Hume, 59, of Solvang, California and a practicing attorney in Redwood City, California from 1975 to 2007, has faces additional charges of embezzling from his clients. Hume was accused of embezzling some 824,000 from the estate of one of his clients in 2006 over the course of nearly 2 years while trustee in the probate. He has been charged with five felony counts, including embezzlement, grand theft, commercial burglary and possession of a forged document. Hume was also charged with stealing two loans of $100,000 each from other unrelated clients. He resigned from the Bar in 2007 and is facing a disciplinary hearing in addition to the criminal action. We note that Hume had been disciplined by the Bar in 1998 for mishandling a client.

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