Monday, January 5, 2009

Washington State Man Pleads Guilty In $2.5 Million Embezzlement Conspiracy

Brett M. Smith, 25, of Puyallup, Washington, pleaded guilty today to embezzling some $2.5 million from his employer, Manke Lumber Co., based in Tacoma, Washington. His job involved inspecting, weighing and sending checks for logs delivered to the mill. Smith, along with seven other defendants, including his brother, Bryan M. Smith, 28, also of Puyallup, were indicted in June in the conspiracy. Brett Smith is alleged to have created false records and sent company checks to his co-conspirators for logs that were never delivered. In all, he admitted to paying for 1,500 fraudulent loads of logs worth $2.5 million. Smith must forfeit two BMWs and the proceeds in 2 bank accounts as part of his restitution. Others indicted in the case include Elaine H. Turner, 28; Jeffrey S. Ogburn, 24; Jennifer L. Carino, 25; Robert M. Lester, 28; Robert E. Daniels, 27; and Zedrick M. Carter, 30.

Read the story here, here and here.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone knows this but their is a case filed against 3 or 4 husband and wives down at the court house,regarding another scaler trying to steal from Manke.I hope you look into this claim and find the story regarding what they supposibly all did