Monday, February 23, 2009

California Woman Pleads Guilty In Largest Medical Insurance Fraud Case In US

Sue Nanda, 40, of Costa Mesa, California pleaded guilty Friday to felony charges of conspiracy, recruiting patients for fraudulent surgeries, failing to file tax returns, filing fraudulent tax returns and grand theft "with an enhancement for white-collar crime," for her role in what is being described as the largest medical insurance fraud case in US history. Nanda is one of 19 defendants charged with bilking some $154 million from medical insurance companies in California by performing unnecessary surgeries on patients. Nanda has been described as a "capper" or recruiter, of patients who she would then arranged to travel to and receive the fraudulent procedures from the Unity Outpatient Surgery Center in Buena Park, California. The purported mastermind of the scheme, Tam Vu Pham, pictured here, has been sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Read the story here, here and here.

Read the Orange County District Attorney's press release here.


Insurance Man said...

12 years is even not enough, he should be 24 years on jail.

I really think he should, why defence him?

Anonymous said...

How many of these young patients have refused evaluation for transplant to continue receiving their monthly checks from the government in perpetuity?? There needs to be some kind of policy enforcing a timetable.
Bill Clinton sucessfully placed limits upon welfare benefits during his administration. The same needs to be done with potential transplant recipients.