Saturday, February 28, 2009

Idaho Manufacturing Company Sues Former Employee Over Alleged $306K Embezzlement

Hamilton Manufacturing Inc., of Twin Falls, Idaho, has filed a civil suit against its former controller, Robie Kendall Probasco, 47, and his wife, Kelly M. Probasco, 47, to recover the $306,030 allegedly embezzled from the company, plus 12 percent interest. The Probascos, who reside in Pocatello, Idaho, had filed for personal bankruptcy in 2002 - something which was not disclosed to the company when Robie was hired as controller in 2003, according to the suit. The complaint makes specific allegations of embezzlement, fraud, forgery and theft, wherein Robie Probasco is alleged to have forged the CEO's name on checks deposited into their accounts. They control an entity, Probasco Diversified Inc., which apparently is the vehicle through which funds were transferred. The company has referred the matter to the police for investigation and possible prosecution. A judge has frozen the Probasco's assets including vehicles, real property and a bank account.

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