Saturday, February 14, 2009

Maine Woman Pleads Guilty To $200K Embezzlement

Tina Moholland, 37, of Calais, Maine, pleaded guilty yesterday to embezzling $197,000 from the Calais Day Treatment Program, which is administered by the town's School Department, where she worked as a secretary, receptionist and bookkeeper. According to prosecutors, Moholland deposited tuition checks into her own personal accounts over a three year period beginning in 2004. The Calais Day Treatment Program obtains grants from the state and is designed to help troubled children. The thefts involved at least 29 checks made out to the program which she deposited into her accounts at Bangor Savings Bank and Gardiner Savings Institution, according to the complaint. Moholland had been an employee at the agency for 7 years. The checks were apparently made out to the agency as well as to her. The bank finally refused to deposit the checks and notified authorities. When confronted by police, she confessed to the thefts. According to police, Moholland has had minor scrapes with the authorities in the past. In 1994, she was charged with "theft by unauthorized taking or transfer" in Calais and fined $100. In 1998, Moholland’s ex-boyfriend was charged with burglary and assault after he broke into her house, grabbed her and threw her against a wall in an attempt to make her leave the residence. In 2001 she paid a $100 fine for failure to register a motor vehicle. Moholland faces up to 10 years in prison upon sentencing. The agency was made whole by $10,0000 in insurance money and the Bangor Savings Bank, which agreed to repay the rest.

Read the story here, here and here.

Update (6/1/09): Moholland was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

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