Friday, February 27, 2009

Former Ex-Im Bank Employee Charged With Accepting Bribes

Maureen Njideka Edu, a/k/a Maureen N. Scurry, 42, of Potomac, Maryland, was indicted Tuesday on charges she solicited and received a $100,000 bribe while she was employed by the Export-Import Bank of the United States ("Ex-Im Bank") as a business development specialist covering Africa, including Nigeria. Specifically, Edu was indicted on felony counts of bribery, honest services fraud, wire fraud and filing a false tax return. According to the indictment, Edu received a $100,000 "down payment" on a promised bribe of $173,500 to help a Nigerian businessman win a $44 million deal with iGate Inc., a Kentucky-based technology company. The deal never was consummated, but it was also one that was being promoted by now disgraced congressman William Jefferson (D-LA), who is facing a May trial. IGate president, Vernon Jackson is currently serving a prison sentence for paying bribes to congressman Jefferson.

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