Thursday, January 8, 2009

Arizona Woman Arrested For Embezzling $200K From Charity

Rosalie M. Magana, 60, of Phoenix, Arizona was arrested Monday on charges she embezzled nearly $200,000 from the social services agency she worked for in South Phoenix. Magana was indicted on three counts of theft and one count of fraud for stealing checks intended for Friendly House in late 2006 and early 2007. Three checks from the Arizona Department of Economic Security totalling $198,000 went missing, triggering the investigation. Magana worked in the accounting department for the agency. Two other individuals have been arrested and indicted and have plead guilty in the conspiracy for their role in cashing some of the checks. They are: Julie Ann Perez, 47 and Virginia Ilsa Kathleen Tudor, 22, both of Phoenix.

Read the story here.

As we have previously stated, non-profit organizations are often victims of this kind of white collar crime simply because they lack the controls and proper staffing.

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