Thursday, January 8, 2009

Former Pennsylvania Ambulance Exec Charged With Embezzling $100+K

Roy A. Dulaney, 50, of Sharon, Pennsylvania and the former president of Shenango Valley Area Ambulance, was arrested over the weekend after having been charged with embezzling $115,599 from the company. Dulaney reportedly used his company credit card and made numerous unauthorized ATM cash withdrawals over a 2 year period. When the improper expenditures came to light, company directors authorized an audit which produced a report in November, resulting in Dulaney getting fired. According to company officials, Dulaney claimed he had a gambling problem.

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Patricia Bowker said...

I know Allen Dulaney personally. Regretfully no one found it necessary to mention the fact that this man had worked endlessly without pay for quite sometime to put this company back on its feet when he first went there. It amazes me that although the judge in this case had letters of reference from Allen's present employer who spoke of his dedication and exemplary ethics, he gave no credit for that at all. But the one that really shows how little compassion there is in this world of today is when the judge completely ignored the fact that Allen has a sister who has Down Syndrome who totally depends on him for her care. If there ever was a case where there were extenuating circumstances, this is it. Allen is not a criminal. He has a sickness. He is addicted to gambling and I think that fact should have been given the same consideration as the drug abusers get. He is not a danger to anyone, only himself. If the judge thinks by locking him up away from his sister that he worries about continually, will rid him of this affliction, then he best get out in the world a little more. He needed treatment, not jail. The truth that some of that money he has been accussed of taking was actually used for payroll. He didn't have the money to hire an attorney who may have been able to shed a different light on Allen's crimes, however he had to use a public defender who he hadn't even talked to prior to his sentencing hearing. So...before you sit in judgement of Allen, let me be the first to tell you. Things were taken out of context and Allen is a very easy going, non combative man who didn't feel he had the right to dispute what his co workers said about him. He did take some money, but not what they accused him of. While I don't condone that sort of behaviour, I see no reason why he shouldn't have recieved treatment and probation. The life of his severly mentally retarded sister has been laid to waste by this decision to send Allen to jail. Now tell me, who did this help? No one, that's who.

Patricia Bowker

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Patricia Bowker's comment. I only have this to add. I was present in that courtroom the day of sentencing. Craig Fenton, under oath, informed the judge that the company lost 11 good employees due to checks bouncing. Now, since that is a matter of record, and can be proven that he did say it. How does one see he is charged with perjury when at least four to five of those employees did not quit because of Allen and do support Allen in every way they can. They highly respect him, and will be the first to say their reason was in no way connected to Allen but directly connected to Craig Fenton. Now the Judge took Craig Fenton's words into consideration obviously in sentencing Allen, even though he did not tell the truth under oath. Now isn't that perjury and shouldn't that be investigated. When the Judge receives letters explaining this to him how can he now make amends for taking the word of someone who didnt hesitate to lie under oath. I honestly believe the employees who told me this, and I certainly hope them coming forward will at least clear up the fact that Allen was a good supervisor with a bad addiction that took control of him. Allen is extremely passive and did not mention anything about that company and the present leadership that he could have. For instance, those paychecks that bounced were made good by some of those ATM withdrawals, which Walt and Craig failed to mention. In fact they were two that received cash for their paychecks. They didn't mention that either. I truly believe an injustice was done at that sentencing hearing that i hope will somehow be corrected by the Judge.

Anonymous said...

Miss Bowker, being a former employee of SVAAS it should me know that my paycheck did bounce and he did on may time leave his sister unattended when he went to gamble on SVAAS's money. So what's the big deal now. Allen's brother that did the same thing to he company .Have Don watch is sister. Oh thats right he lies and steals as well. See a pattern. First Don then Allen stealing from the company. As far as Mr Fenton and Mr Bedich i give a hats off to them for putting Allen behind bars. I to was in court at the time and Fenton or Bedich only stated that they lost many employees due to payroll not being met. Allen was caught on camera at many ATM's and floor camera's at in Erie and WV casinos. Thats hard to say he is not gulity. YES Allen does have a sickness. His sickness caused many SVAAS familes to go with out when he was sitting at the slots machines throwing away there payroll check. Allen got what was coming to him. Many of us wished for several more years behind bars for him. So for Ms Bowker and the unnameed person you really need to get the hole story before you tell yours!!!!!!!!