Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Massachusetts Man Sentenced For Embezzling $130K From Non-Profit

Andrew R. Ma, 33, of Weymouth, Massachusetts, was sentenced to 2 years in prison for embezzling some $130,000 from the Dimock Community Health Center Boston where he had been employed as a "senior accountant". Ma pleaded guilty last October to the embezzlement charges. According to prosecutors, Ma used a debit card from the non-profit health care institution to withdraw cash and to make purchases of jewelry and electronics for his own benefit. He also stole cash from the company's cashier's office. Some of the cash withdrawals were made at area casinos. Ma also altered the non-profit's books and records in an attempt to cover up his thefts. According to reports, Ma has an "extensive" criminal record.

Read the story here and here.

Read the DOJ announcement here.

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