Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How Do Embezzlers Justify Their Crimes?

Interesting article from WCAX News in Vermont in response to the recent spate of high profile embezzlement cases there: How Do Embezzlers Justify Their Crimes? The article quotes convicted embezzler turned professional responsibility lecturer Tom Hughes, who said that as a trusted employee, "It was easy to take advantage the more trust I had." He goes on to explain that the embezzler usually starts out with a secret "loan" to themselves from company coffers, with the intent to repay it. However, after they are not caught, they realize they can take more money and it becomes habitual. The article goes on to state that "the thieves come to rely on the stolen cash as part of their monthly income. They justify their crime by saying they deserve the money; their employer has enough anyway." Psychologist Tom Powell explains that "embezzlers are usually smart, positive people with nice families who've never gotten in serious trouble before. It's how they fool their bosses. And when they're caught, what shocks their communities." Read the whole article here.

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Very interesting article / newsclip. Thanks for posting.