Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pennsylvania Woman Charged With Embezzling Nearly $1.4 Million

Marie Garda-Knoche, 37, of Moon Township, Pennsylvania, has been charged with embezzling nearly $1.4 million from two co-located businesses, Allegheny Psychological Services and Allegheny Forensic Associates, for which she had served as business manager. According to authorities, Garda-Knoche wrote checks to herself using a signature stamp, abused company credit cards for personal expenses and gave herself unauthorized pay raises. She is also accused of misappropriating cash receipts. Garda-Knoche reportedly spent the stolen funds on personal travel, to pay off personal credit cards, student loans and other personal bills as well as pay personal expenses for family members and her former boyfriend. Some of the checks she allegedly forged were made out to her now husband.

Read the story here and here.

Note: What is in the water in Moon Township? This is the second major embezzlement case to surface this month. Recall that Shirley A. Howl, 55, also of Moon, was indicted on charges she embezzled some $400,000 from West-Aircomm Federal Credit Union.


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The owner of this business is not involved, think not.

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everyone has faults, and who are we to judge anyone else.
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